Saturday, June 26, 2010

Blessings of Being Awake: While focusing on my life's mission I checked this blog and noticed I had not written in a while. So I am making time for what grounds me in the now and honors what I love doing, expressing myself with the written word. It is Shabbat and I am working on my lap top that does not have all my photos on it and I wondered about what image would be available for me to use. As soon as I looked at this picture of Etta Grace that her mother, my daughter Ilana had taken, i could feel the rightness of the choice in every cell of my body and especially in my eyes that yearned to release the tears of knowing that I am at the right place at the right time.
Spiritual Challenge: To not let the mind create boundaries around right and wrong. To hold onto my innocence or as the sign at the airport said 'dance like no one is watching'. To be the Neshama, the pure soul I took life for and continue to honor her journey. To focus on what brings me joy and find joy in what I do everyday. To remember age is only a number and everyone can be my teacher and that suffering is not an option and that kindness to myself is my core value. To laugh at me and with me.
Spiritual Practice: I am making time for my creative projects and interlacing them with my cognitive work knowing they feed each other and therefore me. I am remembering that I can practice anywhere and use different tools to create. To notice the judger voice and say there is no right or wrong about me, all is me and sometimes i am just not patient, kind and loving and it is perfect, as the Kabbalist would respond, in the physical world. And as I move through the world and practice accepting all of amazing me, it will be easier for me to live with others.
Blessings of the Vav: I can always pause and look in the mirror, face to face, and say YES! you are fun to be with!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Do you talk with G!D?

Blessings of being Awake: And another opportunity arrived to try something i encourage others to do. Talk with G!D.
Spiritual Challenge: So, I wonder who is G!D, Where is this G!D I want to talk with, to? I usually say G!D is good. Well, is that true? I am a Jew, I wrestle with G!D. Which G!D? Outside, inside, female, male, a blade of grass, a bird flying by? How can I focus on one?
Spiritual Practice:breathing deep, i smile and decide not to suffer as I go back to creating with paint, stamps and fabric. Praying that the Divine Source of All That Is , the One Without End will shut down my mind and flow through my hands creating beauty, reflecting my soul.
Blessings of the Vav: Only when i am standing tall in all that i am and in all my possibilities, not suffering more than in that moment remembering that i can choose life and joy. Yes and i am living a Vav-nik life.