Sunday, June 14, 2009


Blessings of Being Awake: I could have gone drumming today and filled the time with something I enjoyed doing. Or I could have stayed at my home, played in the garden, rested at my leisure and enjoyed just being here. The little voice kept saying this is when the class is you might have to wait another three weeks to go. And I heard it and then said ya but I could stay home, read a good book, do some computer work, take a nap!
Spiritual Challenge: When do I know which voice to listen to? when I take the time and notice the feelings that go along with the thoughts. The feelings in the body said take care of you today, no need to leave there is lots to do here. Integrate what you have been doing...studying sailing literature, practice singing, oil the leather car upholstery, weed the garden. Just be....take a nap, put you feet above your head and lay on your back or just notice your breath.
Spiritual Practice: Slowing down to really live what I teach to be present for me and listen to the emotions, feelings, thoughts, body sensations and when i do i know i am loving me as only i can and i am satisfied beyond words.
Blessings of the Vav: I am complete and the story dynamically continues! TG!!!!

Relationships Take Time

Blessings of Being Awake: I have had the title for this blog for three weeks, ever since I turned in my BB Curve for a BB Storm. I wanted to so much for our relationship to be mutual and I kept working at being patient, breathing deeply, slowing down and nothing seemed to work. So i decided i had tried enough and i wanted my life to be easier than this! I needed to take action to make it happen.
Spiritual Challenge: In working with a client this week who had been reading Eckert Tolle's latest book she wanted to focus on the theme related to getting rid of the ego. I said before you get rid of the ego you need to notice when it takes over your life. In saying this I saw no connection between me and the topic. LOL as my grandsons would text me. Laugh out loud at me! That BB Storm was a status symbol for me and here I thought I was settling into the place of being comfortable with my working class background! No way, I may be a working class girl and I also am upper midlle class in terms of liking to have nice things!
Spiritual Practice: Continue to listen to the patterns in my life that my clients bring me and notice when the teaching is for me, too. And laugh at the joy of learning new things about me! Relationships sometimes have to be transformed out of the foreground of my life and not be on going. I sold my BB Storm and got another curve and this time it is hot pink!
Blessings of the Vav: I am complete and the story dynamically continues! TG!!!!