Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Inclusion seems to be a catch word lately; inclusive community, let us not leave any one out, make sure everyone is heard.

Perhaps the Society of the Vav is a similar venue.

In meditation I try to notice everything and yet not get caught by any thought, feeling, emotion. I am noticing and letting go as all of life is changing; if I hold onto anyone piece I will miss out on the next that arises. I would not want to do that only if I am into suffering and am sure I have found the gold nugget that will save the world and I often do that.

When I do not let the hold button keep the mind in one place for too long then I do not suffer too long and I am allowing the natural state of being on my soul...joy...to arise. I find that smiling is so much more freeing than the seriousness of how I started writing down these words.

So what makes this Society of the Vav so important to write about if everyone else is noticing the importance of inclusion. Perhaps she is another element to help us awaken to the thought importance that we need each other. If the great Ari is correct and there is not one moment in time that is like another and therefore we are each unique then each of us is necessary in the repairing of the world and each one of us carries our unique spark to brighten the world.

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